Agri Products

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NTC Agribusiness division sources high quality Lentils and Pulses from US and Canada and distributes in Middle East, India and African countries.

NTC also has an arrangement with Devanagari Agro Processing Units to export their Maize and Maize grit products.

Maize Grits With its wide applications:

Maize is also referred to as the Queen of Cereals. It is estimated that nearly one-fourth of the stock keeping units in a modern grocery store contain maize in one form or the other. These range from toothpaste, detergent, paper, dyes, soaps to artificial sweeteners, fructose, etc. Maize also finds application in food containers, plastic food packaging, baby powder, diapers, medicine, vitamin tablets, textile products, candies and so on. Maize rich breakfast cereals, cooking oils, snacks and popcorn have also become popular. Internationally, maize has been processed to produce bio-ethanol in a big way for blending with auto fuels. In fact, maize is the only cereal that has such diverse uses.

By virtue of its Superior uniformity and stability of water solution, the use of starch is preferred to any other material for sizing, finishing and printing. It offers economy along with ease in filling the interstices of the weave. This provides the requisite strength and weight.

For a Householder the ubiquitous nature of starch does not go unnoticed due to its presence in food products such as ketch-ups, ice-creams, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, wafers and dry cell batteries, detergents, Toothpaste, paper, clothing dyes, explosives and soaps; there is a vast list of products that contain corn products.

NTC is distribution Maize grits in Japan, Europe, Australia, Middle east and other markets.